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What'd you like to hear in JPA Best Practices session in JavaOne?

Posted by rpatel on February 26, 2007 at 9:33 AM PST

As some of you might know, the JavaOne 2007 proposal notifications went out last week. My proposal titled "Java Persistence API: Best Practices and Tips" has been accepted. In thinking about the contents for this session, I realized that in addition to the best practices about regular stuff such as flush mode, caching, etc., it would be nice if I can cover some of the things based on the community's suggestions. Hence, this blog entry.

So, if you have worked with JPA and have some insights to offer from your experience, please chime in by providing the following details:

1) The implementation of JPA you are using

2) Describe how you are using JPA

3) Describe any problem that you are facing with JPA usage

4) Describe - if you want to and can - how JPA could have solved this problem

Remember the following while submitting your opinion in the comments

1) Please try to be constructive.

2) Please articulate the problem you're facing while using JPA -
architectural flaws, API flaws, anything - even though you might not have a solution. This helps because I am planning to feed back all the comments on this blog entry to the Sun engineer(s) working on JPA. So your effort will not be in vain.


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