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Graduation Day, part I

Posted by rstephe on May 30, 2006 at 4:45 PM PDT

Today four projects are graduating from the GELC Community incubator. They include an Eclipse plug-in, a dictionary prompter, a simple Swing user interface and a Java study group. Two of the projects are in Portuguese and one is in Turkish, reflecting the "G" (for "Global") in GELC and the international nature of itself. And <drumroll> the winners are:

DONE (, stands for DONE is Open Not Enclosed. When not using recursive acronyms, the project also seems to go by the name of MARACATU. MARACATU abbreviates "Modern Architecture for Retrieving All Components in the Universe" (sic!), and is a client-server architecture for searching and retrieving code in multiple repositories from within the Eclipse IDE. This is a Portugese language project with 22 participants and extensive code development (the architectural diagram at the bottom of their homepage is helpful for the Portuguese-challenged). The client is an Eclipse plug-in. The server is a Web interface, code engine and database linked to multiple CVS repositories. The repositories may be local, on or even on SourceForge. The project includes a developers' guide (in Portuguese) that explains how to install and operate the Eclipse plug-in. An English-language translation of some of their documents would have been helpful, because the project looks as if it could have broad appeal.

Belletmen ( is a multi-lingual prompter system, providing definitions or translations of unfamiliar words on demand. According to the project description, the "Belletmen project had been started on March 2005. Now it can read text and rtf formatted documents, and select words with simple mouse movements, or mouse clicks. It can understand the language of the documents (yet only 7 languages). And, it can use 7 dictionaries, in two root languages which are English and Turkish. The system is ready to accept new root languages."

The project has a bi-lingual home page (English and Turkish). Belletmen has 19 members, and, like the DONE project, it has created a tutorial on how to download its code to Eclipse, making it easier for new members to get up to speed.

easyframe ( is a ready-made Swing GUI for text-based Java programs. Adding this simple GUI to your program gives you a Swing TextField for input and a TextArea for output. It's a good way to become acquainted with Swing and MVC. The project has 16 participants.

Fuja (, Projects, articles and sample code produced by a 19-member Java study group at Facensa (Faculdade Cenecista Nossa Senhora Dos Anjos), a technical community college in Gravata