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GELC Renaming Contest

Posted by rstephe on June 13, 2006 at 2:25 PM PDT

contest.png To paraphrase William Gibson, the knowledge you seek is already here - it's just not evenly distributed. The Global Education and Learning Community (GELC) is trying to address this uneven distribution by empowering learners with open source curricula. We want the GELC to be a resource teachers and learners worldwide will turn to for help: world class learning, community developed and supported, just a click away.

The community’s name, though, doesn’t help. As an acronym, it is awkward and forgettable. Pronounced as a word, it sounds as if you’re choking on a fishbone. So we’re running a contest to choose a new name and we want your help.

The sort of name we’re looking for should be:

- able to be used as a verb. When people want to search, they "google" things. When people want good online education, they will _ (your suggestion here) _ for it.
- unique and catchy: Java, Xerox, Kleenex. . . .each defines both a product and a category. We want a name that can be "googled."
- descriptive of the GELC's vision and mission.

If your suggestion is chosen you will win fame and glory. The winner and his/her new name will be highlighted on the GELC Website, be profiled in a GELC blog and be invited to be the subject of a podcast. The winner will also have the opportunity to be interviewed at the Community Corner at the 2007 JavaOne Conference, and will receive an expo floor pass for the day of the interview.

How to Enter: Submit your suggestion(s) by posting to the GELC Name Discussion Forum. You may suggest as many names as you like. The contest runs until June 30, 2006. Contest results will be announced by July 31. For more details, see the contest page at