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JDO 2.0 vs. EJB 3.0?

Posted by rwinston on May 5, 2004 at 4:42 AM PDT

There is a lively discussion going on at TheServerSide at the moment,concerning the recent vetoing of JSR 243 by three large vendors - IBM, BEA, and Oracle. The reasons cited by the three vendors basically boil down to the seeming overlap between JDO 2.0 and the upcoming JSR 220. Of course, I suppose it's not surprising that three app server vendors with a heavy investment in EJBs would be disturbed by the very idea of something like JDO becoming a standard.

BEA, in particular, had a questionable response: "another release of JDO, whose market acceptance is essentially constrained to use with object databases". I think current JDO vendors would disagree. Certainly even a cursory look at the JDO 2.0 spec will refute that.

Until we get our hands on the review copy of JSR 220, we have no definitive frame of reference to determine exactly what the overlaps are.

At the end of the day, it will most likely be the community that will swing this one either way. If people want this kind of functionality and make that known, the vendors will capitulate. What is basically comes down to is: would you like to be able to use the functionality of Hibernate and similar frameworks in a standard way? And would you wish to participate in a process that defines this for future J2SE inclusion? If so (or even if not), then pop over to TheServerSide and contribute to the debate.

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