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Application-Architectures Document Available Now!

Posted by sanjay_dasgupta on August 25, 2012 at 4:35 AM PDT

The FX.js text logo Application Architectures document is now available. It describes the three architectural models (see figure below) available to FX.js text logo programs, and includes sample code for a simple directory-watcher in all three models.

architectural models

The sample code in Application Architectures also illustrates some non-trivial capabilities:

  • creating a new thread (java.lang.Thread object) from JavaScript, and using a JavaScript function as the thread function
  • invoking the JavaFX runLater() function with a JavaScript function as argument

FX.js text logo is a framework for writing JavaFX desktop applications in JavaScript. You can also include your own Java classes and/or third-party JAR files as needed. FX.js text logo also supports declarative GUI definition using a mechanism reminiscent of Visage (but using a JavaScript object-graph instead of a custom language).

If you missed my earlier post about FX.js text logo find it here: FX.js - A Smarter FXML Alternative.

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