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A knowledge folder for portlets based on JetSpeed

Posted by satyak on November 10, 2003 at 1:38 PM PST

Recently we were tasked with designing a web portal for international researchers to colloborate over the web as part of a Small Business Innovative Research Grant. During the proposal phase we have identified JetSpeed as the portal.

As we have started looking into implementing our solution a couple of months ago we ran into lot of road blocks including the basic understanding how portals work. Particularly the caching aspect of each portlet. The matters got complicated as jetspeed uses many other apis to accomplish the task. Namely turbine, ecs, velocity etc.

To digest and remember what I was uncovering I have started a knowledge folder so that my findings are documented for myself and also for my fellow developers.

I am hoping some of the developers out there will benefit from this knowledge folder as well. Here are some of the things that this knowledge folder talks about

1. Basic references for Jetspeed
2. JetSpeed dependencies
3. Some  insights into jetspeed internal coding
4. Structure of JetSpeed portal URLs
5. A sample portlet

This is an active folder and will have udpates as I learn more. Here is the link to the folder

Portlet Knowledge Folder

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