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A False ceiling: What is behind that blanket of SOA?

Posted by satyak on June 28, 2008 at 11:06 AM PDT

I believe in working with my children to clean up their rooms. Time is not always on my side, however. So my 10 year old showed me the other day how nicely she had been cleaning up her room. Everything seemed in order until I have come to find she pushed everything under the bed and covered up with a blanket.

It is not an uncommon argument in an enterprise, where the thought is to hide everything behind a bus of SOA. Couple that with the hype where once upon a time CORBA solved all problems and then EJBs solved all problems. Now SOA is on the lips of many that probably have never written a line of code. It is difficult to argue with someone who is not a goldsmith that what is glittering is not necessarily gold.

I have a two story house and it looks fabulous looking up with popcorn ceilings until one day the bathroom upstairs started leaking a bit of water. I thought, "Probably replace a pipe here and a coupling there and that should fix it". Through a tiny hole I climbed up to see. I hope what is behind a SOA wall is rational.

Further reading

1. I have a suspicion that SOA may play only a second fiddle (addressing transport and discovery) to the synergistic programming triangle of (Objects, XML, Databases).

2. I also feel that SOA is best looked as an "intra" system framework first and then only as an "inter-system" framework.

3. my other web log

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