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Posted by sayedh on September 2, 2005 at 5:37 AM PDT

Just wanted to take this time to introduce myself and describe what kinds of things you can expect to see in this blog.
My name is Sayed Ibrahim Hashimi and I'm a Java developer and consultant based in Jacksonville Florida. I've been using Java for about 6 years now. My current interest lie in P2P applications, especially those using JXTA. I'm the owner of the dreamcatcher project, a committer to the JXTA Commons project and a member of the JXTA Usability Committee. I love open source software and Java's community.

You'll be most likely to see entries about JXTA, Java in general, Java's community, and Open source software. Currently some of the work that I do is in C#, so you'll probably hear me talking about how Java development compares to .NET development.

Oh yeah my older brother, Sayed Y. Hashimi, is a developer as well. His first book, Pro Service-Oriented Smart Clients with .NET 2.0, recently was published.

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