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Proposal to fix the Cloneable Problem

Posted by schaefa on October 13, 2004 at 9:02 AM PDT

I know that probably backward compatibility is the main reason to keep java.lang.Cloneable as it is. Nevertheless as I hopefully showed in my rant about this still unresolved issue this shortcoming of the Cloneable interface is still haunting us. To prevent the impression that I only complain about problems I am going to suggest a solution to this problem that, I hope, will end this problem once and for all.

I would suggest the following addition to the JDK (Please adjust the name of the interface as you like I just could not think of a better one):

package java.lang;

public interface XCloneable
extends Cloneable {
   // The exception still can be thrown if a reference is not cloneable
   public Object clone()
      throw CloneNotSupportedException;

Now all the classes in the JDK that implements Cloneable and provide a public clone() method could now extend XCloneable and we all could life happily ever after.

This should fix the shortcoming of Cloneable and still is backward compatible. It is just ugly to add another interface but, I guess, that is the price for backward compatibility.

Let's go Tiger - Andy

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