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Ever Heard of Ant2, XDoclet2 or Maven2: Correntions

Posted by schaefa on December 10, 2004 at 12:41 PM PST

I feel obligated to add some corrections to my original email to avoid confusions and distress by the developer of Maven 2 because any open-source developers deserves respect for the time and effort he/she spends on such project help all of us.

First, Maven2 is alive and kicking and they have successful builds. Compared to Ant2 and XDoclet2 they are well underway. The future will be the judge of their success.

Secondly Maven2 plugins (Mojos) can be written in various languages. Nevertheless the current plugins are written in Java and therefore from a user point of view my assessment still stands. Because I do not expect that the same plugin is written in various languages like Java and Jelly any plugin in Java is harder to read, understand and change than a plugin in Jelly that in turn is slower in performance.

I hope that this will poor oil on troubled water. I think that the most important part of open-source development is open communication which includes criticism. I always felt bad when people who were not JBoss developers where flaming others for criticism JBoss and I was also own of them (getting flamed) even though I knew and know JBoss well. JBoss is a great open-source project but far from perfect as any software project.

Have fun – Andy