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jPodder: your Pod's best Friend

Posted by schaefa on May 24, 2005 at 10:30 AM PDT

I am delighted to announce that several months of hard work finally paid off and we could release jPodder 0.9 last Sunday. If you like podcasting or where wondering what it is or where not quite happy with your current Podcast receiver then you should read on.

Podcasting is same as Blogging except that it handles media files instead of text. It enables us to become our own Radio Station but also listen to anyone who has something to say, literally. Under the hood both uses a RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed to publish their content and so any News Aggregator can read it and present it to us. Note that a web browser is not a News Aggregator because weblogs do provide the content as HTML rather than as a RSS feed document (XML) to a browser.

Now jPodder (do not confuse it with iPodder) is such a News Aggregator tailored towards audio podcasts. Because media files tend to be huge and some providers maybe slow such a specific News Aggregator does make sense because it also you to download media files in the background or over night so that you have a fully charged Pod in the morning to listen to throughout the day. jPodder was designed in such a way that you can manage a huge number of podcasts and even produce your very own podcast. Such features include (but is not limited to):

  • download podcasts in the background
  • able to run in the background
  • allows you to rewrite the tags of audio files like Artist, Album, Genre etc either for all podcasts, for all podcasts of a particular feed or per podcast
  • supports BitTorrent data transfer (peer-2-peer downloads)
  • allows you to produce your very own podcast

You may wondering what rewrite of tags of audio files mean. An MP3 file (the one support by jPodder) contains tags (called ID3 tags) like Artist, Album or Genre describing the audio file in more details. A player like Apple's iTunes does use these tags when it lists the audio files. Now tag rewriting enables you to customize these tags to your needs so for example you can set the Genre of all podcasts to 'Podcast' so that when you list them by Genre you can easily separate them from the regular music files you have. Or you can set the current date in the Title so that you know how old a podcast is and therefor you can listen to them in order you received them.

If you are into listen to podcasts then I think it would be worth while to check out jPodder on In case you are not happy with it we will refund you the full purchase price.

Have fun – Andy

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