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Cool: Even Duke is Podcasting

Posted by schaefa on June 30, 2005 at 11:58 AM PDT

The jPodder team is proud to be the current Duke's pick hoping that Duke is using it, too. Podcasting is like the Internet 15 years ago where the users and providers made things happening rather than waiting for something to presented to them. Now anyone how has something or nothing to say can create an radio-like show and publish it immediately with the entire planet as potential audience.

But this revolution does not have to stop with audio or video files. I can imagine that for example JavaOne is published as RSS feed with the various media files attached to them. So with one-click subscription you could go to the Sun's website, click on the RSS link or button and voila jPodder is coming up, subscribing to that feed and letting you know what is available right now and you can schedule the downloads whenever you like. Right now I am working on "playing" a presentation through jPodder so that I can publish my various presentations as podcasts rather than publishing them on my website and then sending an email out to all subscribed user that there is a new presentation.

Still all of that are still simple files but imagine that a Java project maintains a RSS feed containing blog entries, articles, documentation in various formats but in addition they could also make their latest release available as podcasts. This way the application can be automatically downloaded, for example over night, and installed right afterwards. Or the project could release the application as Java Web Start which is fired up after the download so that the user can play with it right away. Finally the project could release incremental patches as podcasts making it very easy for the user to follow them without limiting the users ability to control it.

Enjoy the brave new World – Andy

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