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JBoss: Big Bucks vs. Open-Source

Posted by schaefa on October 7, 2005 at 1:11 PM PDT

Rickard Oeberg's (co-founder of JBoss) blog points to the JBoss Issue Blog where he and Matthias Bohnen discusses issues related to JBoss. So far Marc Fleury and the rest of the JBoss Inc. could hide their business agenda behind the JBoss open-source project but finally they feel that they can afford to let the business take over because they are now so successful. On the other hand it finally vindicated the critics of the JBoss enterprise warning that in such a tight integration of open-source and business one day the idea of open-source in JBoss goes down the drain. Therefore I decided to join their open letter to JBoss and Marc not to abuse the JBoss trademark because many of use helped them to accomplish the current state. Without Rickard Marc Fleury would be still a pre-sales engineer at Sun because JBoss would not exist. If you think that JBoss should remain a healthy open-source project please join me by sign up to this open letter.

That said I still think that competition will eventually force JBoss to be more forthcoming and so I decide to start a thread evaluating Geronimo to see how Geronimo compares to JBoss. I would like to figure under what conditions Geronimo could replace JBoss and to point out their respective advantages over the other server.

Have a nice weekend - Andy