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Open-Source vs. Big Bucks

Posted by schaefa on October 11, 2005 at 12:10 PM PDT

What a disappointment! After feeling betrayed by the href=""
target="_blank">JBoss Inc. with the trademark lawsuits
now also Linus Torwald seems to do the href=",39020390,39214339,00.htm">same
thing with Linux
. Yesterday I was attending a presentation
about Java 6 (Mustang) and some of the discussions turned around Sun
and open-source. Finally, I guess, I have to admit that maybe Sun is
more trustworthy company with respect to open-source than some of the
bigger open-source projects. I really feel that Sun is paying more
attention to the open-source community lately than projects that
started as open-source projects and then became a business.

I am especially disgusted by the comments of Sacha Labourey
stating that href=",39020384,39228261,00.htm"
target="_blank">Rickard is not a co-founder of JBoss.
Today there would be no JBoss if Rickard Oeberg did not revamp early
version of Marc's monolithic application server. He was the one that
came up with the use of JMX as an IOC framework, the use of
Interceptors to easily wrap J2EE services around an EJB call and the
use of Dynamic Proxies to avoid the generation and distribution of
stubs. Without Rickard JBoss would have ended up the same way Jonas
did. Of course Rickard is not a co-founder of the JBoss Group (today
called JBoss Inc.) but they were created way after JBoss became a
serious J2EE-based application server.

Maybe there is a need to separate the open-source code from
any trademark to prevent individual from taking advantage of code
contributed by the community. I do not contemn anyone from making money
of an open-source project but it is not acceptable in my opinion that
this only applies to a few. I always thought that the JBoss trademark
is there to avoid a big company from screwing the open-source project
but now it seems that it backfired for the community and the JBoss Inc.
can just cash in.

Have fun - Andy

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