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JDK Community: Update

Posted by schaefa on April 5, 2006 at 1:22 PM PDT

After quite some screaming and kicking (see href="">my
previous blog) my fix for bug ##6212146
made it into Mustang build #78. For a change I do not want to bitch
about anything but congratulate Sun for all the progress they made in
the Peabody endeavor. Any community project in a big company is
difficult especially when so much is at stack as in Java and lawyers
tend to be the problem as well as the solution and so it is amazing
that the community project went as far as it did. Of course, there is a
lot that can be improved and I will try to contribute to that as much
as I can but I think that Sun is on the right path and I see the light
at the end of the tunnel where Java becomes an open-source project.

Nearly ten years ago I had an job
interview in my hometown in Switzerland and the manager  asked
me what I would like to do as a software engineer if the sky would be
the limit. According to his reaction he was not used to hear that a
little developer would like to write software that is distributed
worldwide. Since I moved to the US this dream became more and more
reality and now some code will be distributed along with JDK 1.6. Now,
the only thing left to do is world domination, right Pinky.

Bad Andy - Better Pizza

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