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EJB3 and Glassfish

Posted by schaefa on May 8, 2007 at 5:05 PM PDT

I just had a nice discussion with John Clingan, product manager on Glassfish, about EJB3 and Glassfish in particular. One of the thing that strikes me with EJB3 is that Sun seems not to be able to let go of old stuff. Right now an EJB3 application server needs to support EJB2 and EJB3 and must make sure that they do not conflict. This is going to convolute the code and drags down the performance. If I would have been in charge I would have made the support of EJB2 optional and required that an JavaEE application is either EJB2 or 3 so that the application server can deploy it on different containers. I would it even have made it possible that an application server can only support EJB3 and so a deployment of an EJB2 application would fail.

Well, I wasn't in charge and so we have to live with it. I am just wondering what will happen when EJB4 is released or do you remember EJB1 and the deployment descriptor classes? So deprecation seems to be a good thing but it should not only be applied to the first release. Especially for an application server there is no real need to require that an application needs to support both. EJB interactions enables us to build application using both new and old specifications without intermingling them.

I need to have a look into Glassfish especially V3 to see if and how their modules work out even though I will remain skeptical but it always good to try out new things.

Have fun - Andy

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