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OpenJDK: Here I come

Posted by schaefa on May 10, 2007 at 12:27 PM PDT

Ditching the Keynote session at JavaOne I am sitting in the Alumni room and trying to get my head around the OpenJDK. Having a MacBook Pro I cannot download the JDK and build it on my Mac natively and so I needed to fire up my VMware installation of OpenSuSE and use Linux to build it on top of the Mac. So I went to the OpenJDK website, downloaded the source and the binary plugins and extracted them. Then I went ahead and tried to setup the environment as requested by j2se/make/ script file like ALT_BOOTDIR, ALT_CLOSED_JDK_IMPORT_PATH, LANG and emptied JAVA_HOME. There I realized that I do not have Java 6 installed so I downloaded and installed it. Finally I was ready to fire up the build:

cd control/make

gmake sanity

and sure enough it failed right away complaining missing Alsa headers. After going through some hops I finally could install Alsa, Cups and Motif headers. For Motif I had to revert to lesstif-devel which I have to force to install because of the dependencies of lesstif. Nevertheless I got that going and after setting ALT_MOTIF_DIR to the directory (/usr/X11R6 on my box) containing the includes I was ready to go, at least I thought so. Unfortunately the sanity checks are looking for this file include/Xm/AccColorT.h which is not in lesstif but when I just created that file with vi the make system happily start to build, yeeha.

As a side note I wanted to fool the build by just creating the AccColorT.h file because I saw that on some mailing list that the JDK build does not need Motif but that is wrong, at least as of now. Some generated classes (I found a class called sizer.c) uses it in its imports.

Finally, after nearly an hour the built went through and a short java -version confirmed that I have built JDK 1.7.

Cool - Andy

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