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Open-Sourcing JavaOne

Posted by schaefa on May 11, 2007 at 3:48 PM PDT

JavaOne is nearly over and it was a good as well as a bad convention. One of the things that stroke me was the fact of registering for a session and then standing in line for it. Considering the fact that back in 2000 there were 25k attendants and no registration / lines and it worked out mostly fine I have a hard time to understand this approach. I remember that some complains back in 2000 were that some people could not enter that a popular session but instead of creating an overflow room where they could have a big screen so we could watch the presentation remotely they just failed back to access control. This is like as if a servlet developer would have a problem with multithreading and as solution would make it single threaded. It does the trick but the fix is maybe worse than the problem.

On the other hand the attendants get a paper sheet to evaluate the presentation where one had to ender not only the evaluation but also the ID number. But on the convention we have a Java card (I assume) which already has the ID number and so why can't I evaluate it online on the Sun Ray stations or even do it over the phone especially when one of this year's theme was JavaME.

As an open-source developer I like organized anarchy and therefore have a problem with the overly organized JavaOne. In the early conventions I could roam around when a presentation did not turn out as expected. But when I have to stand in line sometimes way after the session starts then I not only miss parts of the session I also miss even more of a fail-over session.

This also prevented me from adding fail-over session into my schedule because the scheduler does only allow one session at the time because it uses it to control the number of the attendants. This makes it really hard to manage them because I always have to go over all the session rather than only focus on the session I am interested. I am only interested in OpenJDK, Java EE and maybe a little bit Swing which means I am not interested in JavaMe and the Web stuff. Still I was forced to use the rather slow JavaOne website and go through all the session per time slot or per day.

Have fun - Andy