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Blogging EclipseCon 2005

Posted by scottschram on February 24, 2005 at 6:42 PM PST

A couple years back, I looked at Eclipse as a Java IDE, and decided that it was not yet full-featured enough to be our main development environment. The Eclipse Project has made an incredible amount of progress in just two years.

Recently, Malcolm Davis spent a day with me demonstrating the current IDE. I showed it to some members of my team, and it was in widespread use in about a week. Some of us are using 3.0.1, and some are using 3.1M5a, and both seem to be quite stable.

I'm interested in using the IDE, adding plug-ins as well as Rich Client Platform development. In order to learn as much as I can quickly, I'm heading to EclipseCON 2005 in San Francisco, and will be blogging from there.

Check out the sessions. Several speakers have already posted PDFs of their presentations.

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