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Solaris 10 at home

Posted by scottschram on June 26, 2005 at 10:51 AM PDT

I'm in San Francisco, looking forward to Java One.

While preparing, and looking through some Sun marketing emails, it occurs to me that Solaris 10 is a competitive alternative to my Fedora Core 3 home development and test machine.

Here's why:

Free to download and test.

Free 30 days of updates.

Java stuff pre-installed, and lots of it.

Update subscription for only $120 / year (per CPU).

Fedora Core updates and the unreliable group of update mirrors are free, but my time messing with it is not... updates are absolutely critical to me if I'm going to expose a server to the internet in any way. I'm reluctant to do that with Fedora Core.

Red Hat Enterprise costs me $349 / year. Wait now... maybe I should be using Solaris 10 on my work servers as well.

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