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Sun Posts SPECjAppServer2004 results using Glassfish

Posted by sdo on May 25, 2006 at 11:44 AM PDT

Today, Sun posted our first-ever SPECjAppServer 2004 result on SJSAS 9.0
Platform Edition. This is the only SPECjAppServer result published so far
on an open-source application server -- and the result used an open-source
Operating System (Solaris 10) and open-source database (MySQL) as well.
It is also the first (and so far only) SPECjAppServer result published on
an application server that is certified to the Java EE 5 specification.

Sun posted a result of 712.87 SPECjAppserver 2004 JOPS@Standard on a
configuration of 3 Sun Fire X4100 application servers and 1 Sun Fire
X4100 database. Direct comparison to our previous result on
3 application servers (Sun Fire v20z machines) is a little tricky: the newer
machines are dual-core and have a slightly faster clock speed, so you'd expect this
newer configuration to have slightly better than 100% performance of the
old configuration. Yet our result shows a 167% improvement over that
previous submission -- a substantial improvement in the software layer no
matter how you look at it.

Congratulations to everyone who worked on glassfish: the fact that we were
able to get such an improvement while at the same time dealing with the
aggressive schedule to support Java EE 5 and the new scenario of working in
the open source community is a great achievement!

Benchmark Description

SPECjAppServer 2004 is a multi-tier benchmark for measuring the performance of Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) technology-based application servers. Moreover,
SPECjAppServer2004 also heavily exercises all parts of the underlying infrastructure that make up the application environment, including hardware, JVM software, database software, JDBC drivers, and the system network. The primary metric of
the SPECjAppServer2004 benchmark is jAppServer Operations Per Second ("SPECjAppServer2004 JOPS") in either @Standard or @Distributed mode.

Required Disclosure Statement:

SPECjAppServer2004 3x Sun Fire X4100 appservers (12 cores, 6 chips) and 1 Sun Fire X4100 database (4 cores, 2 chips) 712.87 SPECjAppServer2004 JOPS@Standard. SPECjAppServer 2004 3x Sun Fire V20z appservers (6 cores, 6 chips) and 1 Sun Fire
V20z database (2 cores, 2 chips) 266.01 SPECjAppServer2004 JOPS@Standard. All results from as of 05/25/06. SPEC, SPECjAppServer reg tm of Standard
Performance Evaluation Corporation

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