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Sun Ships Glassfish V2

Posted by sdo on September 17, 2007 at 11:59 AM PDT

You've probably read by now, today Sun released the product version of Glassfish V2, or the Sun Java Systems Application Server 9.1. So it's time to look back a little, but also to look forward.

When we planned for this release of software, I told our engineering managers that we wanted to make sure that this release, finally, had superior performance. My group received a lot of support for this position, though not a few engineering managers looked at me as if I had two heads. But as you know, we achieved superior SPECjAppServer 2004 scores with this software, so I am once again viewed as a mono-headed creature.

Of course, we focused on many, many areas of performance in this release of our software, which is something we don't always talk about. Part of that is logistical: if I tell you that we improved cluster startup and deployment by 20% (and we did), maybe you'll take my word for it. And perhaps you'll believe me that our new in-memory failover is much, much faster than HADB. Jeanfrancois has continually blogged about the many performance enhancements we've made to Grizzly. We've even published WStest, a web services benchmark to demonstrate the improvements we've made in our web services stack.

But since those aren't industry-standard, peer-reviewed benchmarks, how much of them will you believe? And frankly, how much will you believe an industry-standard, peer-reviewed benchmark? Really, the only way to tell is to

download glassfish V2
yourself and run some rigorous tests on it. And see for yourself all the improvments we've made.

Of course, we've already started work on glassfish V3, where we'll be targeting even more performance features, including very rapid startup, particularly for web container developers.