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Java BluePrints for AJAX New Online Solutions Catalog

Posted by sean_brydon on April 26, 2006 at 8:18 PM PDT

As part of the Java BluePrints we have been investigating and experimenting with the programming model for using AJAX on Java EE 5. One programming model we have been covering is using Java Server Faces (JSF) with AJAX. For example, how to design a JSF component library around an AJAX library like DOJO toolkit. Its simple to build a single JSF component around a JavaScript/AJAX widget, but lots of issues come up when you try to build a larger set of components. To try and flesh out those issues we built a set of AJAX-enabled JSF components to test out our ideas. You can try out the components in your own app as well as check out the code to give you ideas when designing your own applications. In addition to looking at the JSF and AJAX programming model, we also have been experimenting a bit with alternative programming models like having a JavaScript-centric client with a Java server-tier using Servlets instead of JSF components to handle AJAX interactions.

We try to capture all the programming model issues and guidelines in the Java BluePrints Solutions catalog, which we just released. And just today we made the new design solutions available online.

Check out the new online version of the Java BluePrints Solutions Catalog and the section on using AJAX with Java . These are the design docs we have started:

Do you prefer using AJAX with Servlets or AJAX with JSF? Which programming model do you prefer? This is all in Early Access so help us improve the blueprints.

If you want to try out the set of JSF AJAX components, give the mini-applications a test drive on GlassFish, or just check out the code, then download the latest release of the solutions catalog.
Let us know if you like the AJAX components and the solution designs? What ideas would you like to see explored by the Java BluePrints for AJAX?

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