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Need a Reference Application or BluePrint for AJAX and Java?

Posted by sean_brydon on May 11, 2006 at 6:42 PM PDT

Designing and building a web application using AJAX and Java EE 5 can present a lot of challenges to developers:

  • how much AJAX to use and where to use it
  • how to apply Model View Contoller and other design patterns
  • how to build your domain model with Java Persistence APIs
  • whether to return XML or HTML or JSON to service XMLHttpRequests
  • how to leverage RSS feeds as data sources
  • how to mash up with Google Map APIs to provide location-specific searches of your data
  • how to wrap AJAX in JSF components
  • how to incorporate an existing AJAX library like DOJO toolkit
  • how to choose a convention for JavaScript you write
  • and many other design choices

The Java Pet Store 2.0, Early Access, provides a reference application illustrating the blueprints for designing a complex AJAX web application on Java EE 5. The Java Petstore 2.0 runs on a Java EE application server such as the Java EE 5 SDK or the GlassFish project.

Download the first early access public release of Java Pet Store 2.0!

The download also includes a NetBeans project to make it easy to use in an IDE.

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