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Free Online JavaOne 2006 BluePrints Talk for Building Ajax and Java Web Applications on Java EE 5

Posted by sean_brydon on October 25, 2006 at 12:40 PM PDT

The Java BluePrints talk for JavaOne 2006 is online and free. The talk, "Java BluePrints for Ajax-Enabled Web 2.0 Applications", discusses design choices for building a web application on the Java EE 5 platform. This talk covers some of the design choices and decisions made for the new Java Petstore 2.0, including

  • When to use Ajax
  • Page is the application style of architecture
  • Applying the Model View Controller pattern
  • Leveraging existing Ajax Libraries
  • Designing a JSF Ajax-enabled component library
  • Mashup architecture choices
  • Design choices in the domain model
  • And a lot more

The talk is about an hour long. We ran a little bit short on time so rushed a bit at the end of the talk. The speakers were: Sean Brydon (me), Inderjeet Singh, Greg Murray, and Mark Basler.

You get a slide show that moves along with the recorded audio for the JavaOne talk we gave this year. The slide show has a written transcript of the presentations also. You can pause, fast forward, rewind. You can also can download a pdf of the slides, but slides alone do not give you as much information. You do need to create an SDN(Sun developer Network) login (also free).

Also, the other talks from 2005 and 2006 are available online also. Many developers go to JavaOne, but a lot more don't get to go, so this is a good way to see some of the talks. There are some other online Ajax talks from JavaOne 2006 also. For example,

And a few more talks about Ajax as well, if you have time for a mini JavaOne about Ajax.

The best way to experience the Java BluePrints talk for JavaOne 2006 is online and free-- you dont even have to watch us sweat on stage.

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