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JAXB and WCF Databinding Inteoperability

Posted by sekhar on September 22, 2006 at 11:50 AM PDT

JAXB is one of the building blocks for WSIT. WSIT builds upon JAX-WS (see WSIT tutorial ). And JAX-WS in turn delegates databinding to JAXB. Thus, JAXB provides databinding support when developing interoperable Java clients and service providers that interoperate with Microsoft .NET clients and services providers.

Since WSIT builds upon JAXB, you can use the existing JAXB 2.0 programming model (for most part) when developing JAX-WS web services and clients. Thus, for example, you can:

  • Develop a Java web service starting from Java classes ( href="">
    Java web service starting from Java ). And the
    classes used in designing the JAX-WS web service can be annotated using JAXB annotations . JAXB annotations customize the generated schema in the service WSDL generated from JAX-WS based web service. This service WSDL can then be used to create WCF clients.
  • Generate Java client side artifacts from a WCF service WSDL. The generated classes contain the appropriate JAXB annotations.

We are working on adding more information related to databinding interoperablity in the next version of WSIT tutorial .

To try out JAXB in WSIT, download the WSIT binary ( WSIT Milestone 2 Released ) . The JAXB version in the WSIT binary includes fixes to issues/bugs uncovered by the databinding interoperability testing between WCF XML serialization mechanisms and JAXB.

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