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Java Web Services web site - Extreme Makeover

Posted by sekhar on April 11, 2007 at 8:26 AM PDT

The Web Services Stack consists of invididual technologies
(e.g. JAX-WS, JAXB, WSIT, XWSS, JAXP) for developing Web services and
clients. These technologies are being developed as projects
and ship in multiple releases. To make it easier to locate, navigate,
contribute, support these technologies, the existing Java Web services
web site has been redesigned. The content on href="">Java Web Services web site
is now organized in a tabbed format. And we have added additional
content as well. Under the tabs, you will find information related to
Web Services technologies such as links to projects, blogs,
tutorials, samples, Issue tracker, technical articles and
tips, downloads and much more.

So spend a few minutes and check out the site. And as always, we
welcome your feedback. To provide feedback click on "Contact Us" at the bottom of a page which will take you to Contact
Us page
. Then select "Web Site or Program Feedback" from the "Feedback" category. Complete the form and submit.

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