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Introducing Migrate To GlassFish project

Posted by sekhar on January 4, 2008 at 12:51 PM PST

We have started a new project href=""> Migrate To GlassFish
. While J2EE/Java EE specifications cover broadly requirements for developing portable applications, other aspects (e.g. vendor-specific deployment) are application server dependent. The goal of this project is to provide help (tools, documentation, and tech tips) in the migration of J2EE/Java EE applications to the GlassFish application server.

The href="">Migration
Tool for GlassFish is a GUI based tool that helps with the
migration of application server specific aspects (e.g. config files)
to GlassFish application server. See the href="">Overview
of Migration Tool for GlassFish for details. To use the Migration

  • href=>
    Download and install the tool.
  • href=""> Prepare
    the application.
  • href="">Invoke the
    tool using either GUI or command line.
  • href="">Perform
    the post migration actions - interpret the generated migration report, build using generated scripts, deploy on GlassFish application

To learn more about the migration tool, see:

You can also find the above links on the href="">Migrate To GlassFish project page

Some migration issues are better addressed by documentation than
the migration tool. So another goal of this project is to provide
improved documentation on solutions to migration issues. I will be
building and hosting the documentation and tech tips on href=""> Migrate to GlassFish
project page. I will also be blogging on migration issues/topics

We are very interested your feedback and participation on your
experience with migration of J2EE/Java EE applications to GlassFish application server - problems you encountered, solutions you adopted etc. We will use the feedback from the community to evolve the current Migration Tool and the documentation, tech tips. Use
Migrate To GlassFish Forum for feedback. The forum can also be
accessed by the "Dicussion forums" link on the href="">Migrate To GlassFish
project page . Let us know if you would like to contribute to the

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Hi Sathyan. I just fixed the broken link. Thanks, Sekhar

Please fix the broken link referenced for "Download and install the tool". Thanks Sathyan