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JBoss to GlassFish : taglib-location

Posted by sekhar on January 21, 2009 at 7:48 PM PST

Recently, I came across the following JBoss -> GlassFish migration
issue involving taglib-location in web.xml. Here is how I dealt with

In a web-application's web.xml, element can be used
to provide configuration information for JSP files. The following
fragment works on JBoss 4.3 (or so it was indicated to me)


But on GlassFish v2, the web application's deployment to failed
with the following exception in GlassFish server.log file.

     javax.servlet.ServletException: PWC3039: Invalid TLD resource path /WEB-INF/WEB-INF/example-html.tld

To fix error, prefix a / to taglib-location


So is a leading / for taglib-location *required* ? After browsing
through JSP & Servlet specs and xml schema files I interpreted that a
/ is not required but recommended. But I will defer to the Servlet
spec lead for a more definite answer.

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Of course, any TLD file sitting in WEB-INF or a subdirectory should be auto-discovered, so it's probably best to remove the entry all together and just use the value of the uri element in the TLD.

AFAICT, GlassFish seems to be doing the right thing. If a relative URI that does not start with a "/" is used, then the location should be resolved relative to "/WEB-INF/web.xml", which would result in "/WEB-INF/WEB-INF/example-html.tld". So, one other thing to try with GlassFish would be to just use "example-html.tld".

Thanks, Sekhar. For others' reference, I also had the same exception, but my problem was that I was trying to have WEB-INF be a symbolic link to a common location. When I removed the symlink and copied the actual WEB-INF to my context root, the exception went away.