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Jini becomes radio-active

Posted by sfharris on June 30, 2004 at 11:04 PM PDT

Today I attended a very interesting presentation by Kevin MacDonald and Larry Mitchell on the use of Jini Network Technology in RFID applications. Goods are tagged and scanned as they move through the supply chain. Often many scans are performed on the same object, resulting in a very high volume of traffic. Kevin and Larry have found that Jini scales well to meet this challenge. This has been a recurrent theme in other Jini presentations (see my blog that mentions Van Simmons presentation on Jini and Wall Street

I ran into fellow Jini enthusiast and blogger
Ken Arnold on the Pavillion floor. Ken is currently an architect working for a company in Boston called EventMonitor. EventMonitor brokers various types information about investments to customers. They map Jini Services to various vendors that supply such things as price information or news feeds. Client software can then discover the datasource to which the customer has subscibed and fetch the desired information.

Sun's serialization guru Mike Warres gave a presentation entitled Extending RMI With Firewall Traversal and Serialization Caching.

Serialization efficiency is improved by caching of the class descriptors which do not change for successive objects which are transmitted over the wire. Since they do not change, each descriptor may be replaced by an id which is used to lookup the cached descriptors on the receiving end.

The firewall traversal work is available but, I believe Mike stated it is still in the early stages. It's great to see this kind of work being done. It will allow Jini services to operate across a greater range of environments. The setup involves using a Relay service which sits outside the firewall and forwards requests from the client to the server. This Relay does add a bit of setup complexity to accomplish the traversal, but then again, if it were easy firewalls wouldn't be of much use, now would they?

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