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Day 2 -- still going ...

Posted by sfharris on June 28, 2005 at 10:50 PM PDT

I really enjoyed the morning keynote today. Scott McNealy described "the digital divide" and how Sun is helping to bridge the gap. He talked about all the efforts to apply Java technology around world (both from within and outside of Sun) to improve quality of life in such areas as education and health care. By providing great opportunities for people outside the company to participate and contribute to the technology via communities Sun has grown far beyond the physical boundaries of its corporate walls.

There was also a retrospective on James Gosling. A short film was shown featuring comments by co-workers, friends, and family. It's just amazing how a programming language that arrived on the scene 10 years ago has had such a profound affect on so many people's lives. I mean it's just a programming language. Who woulda thunk it?

In the afternoon I hung out for a while at the booth. Heard a couple of interesting presentations. One on GlassFish and another on GELC (Global Education Learning Community).

GlassFish is an open source application server put out under the CDDL license (similar, I think, to Mozilla). It's Early Access quality right now. Any engineer interested in J2EE nuts and bolts would do well to check this project out. It provides a great opportunity for contact with engineers both inside and outside of Sun. If you have a J2EE project that works with GlassFish let the project leaders know. They encourage cross link promotion between their project and others.

GELC is a large community with many members and projects. It focuses on information about education. This includes training software, exploration tools, school management, classroom aids, and teacher productivity. They were one of the groups honored in Scott McNealy's keynote this morning.

This evening I attended the Java Communities in Action. I am a multi-community contributor, having one project Federale on and another project Mnemos on (shameless plugs). Had a great time relaxing and socializing with old friends and acquaintances. It was great to see my cronies from the Jini group. It's been a while. I guess it takes a trip to San Francisco. One of best parts about attending JavaOne is getting to reconnect with people.

At the same event I saw a demonstration of some very interesting applications including a car pooling system put together by a group of graduate researchers at XIOS Hogeschool Limburg, located in Diepenbeek, Belgium. Imagine you are in some city and you want to know what parking lots have available space. With a few key strokes on your pocket pc, up comes an application that allows the user to request information on available parking spots in a certain city, when entering the city. All information about available free or paying parking spots including location, rates, etc, is be made available to the users. Based on this information, the driver / user can make his choice and it will even be possible to make a reservation. The driving directions towards the chosen parking area will be given as well.

Well that about raps it up for day 2. This energizer bunny needs a recharge ...

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