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Happy NetBeans Day

Posted by sfharris on May 15, 2006 at 7:47 PM PDT

Happy NetBeans Day.

Yesterday was Mother's day. I sent my mother a card.

Today is NetBeans Day. I could not find any NetBeans Day cards anywhere. I think Hallmark might want to look into this.

The first session hosted by Jonathan Schwartz at Net Beans Day was filled to capacity so much so that I could not get in. There were two rooms available and it would have been nice (and more comfortable for the many people who had to stand) to have a video feed piped into the adjoining room.

Attendance was impressive. I really enjoyed the presentation given by Tim Boudreau on developing with the NetBeans Platform. Most people think of NetBeans as an IDE for developing Java applications (which it is) but it is more essentially a platform for developing any type of application.

Tim showed some very impressive examples of applications that are based upon the NetBeans Platform. He gave a very nice example of how developing applications using plug-in architectures can (if used correctly) help to enforce a loose coupling between subsystems and maintain a better design over the life time an application. If you missed this presentation, Tim will be leading a BOF on a similar topic on Thursday night entitled "Discovery and Dependency Injection Patterns in Modular Architectures".

And then there was the Fire Side Chat.

James Gosling, Graham Hamilton, and several other selected top echelon Java engineers from Sun sat around a blazing (fake of course) camp fire, surrounded by potted pine trees and flanked on either side by a projected woodland landscape sporting the image of a full moon. The pleasant chirping of crickets could be heard through the loudspeakers as the audience filed in. In this idyllic setting these brave souls fielded comments, questions, compliments, and complaints from the Java Developer Community.

I was amused to observe that the question of "deprecated method removal" once again was on the minds of several audience members. Pretty much the same answer that was given last year was given this year. There is no plan of removing any deprecated methods, although Graham would like to see some currently deprecated methods become un-deprecated.

There were some nice compliments on performance improvements made in Java 5.

A question was raised concerning the apparent lack of support for Jini Network Technology within Sun's distributed computing strategies. The answer given by Graham Hamilton and Mark Hapner was simply that they could not sell the use of Jini to Sun's partners because it required that Java be on both sides of the connection.

There were a couple of complaints about the Scheduler Builder. One suggestion was made that next year Sun sponsor a Schedule Builder competition and select the best implementation. James Gosling said he would like to see a fat client that could talk to Web Services and employ caching so the app would work even when off-line.

And finally there was the very loaded question "If you could remove anything from Java what you like to see removed?". James Gosling stated that the AWT components would be his first choice. Mark Hapner stated that he would like to see all the RPC variants removed as he prefers messaging for building distributed systems. But as Graham was quick to point once you put something into Java it's extremely hard to take it out.

Looking forward to the General Session tomorrow. Should be a very interesting one. See you there.

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