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JSIG session : Java Development on Mac OS X

Posted by simongbrown on February 24, 2004 at 5:10 AM PST

Sam Dalton and I are running a JSIG session about Java development on Mac OS X next month...

Java Development on Mac OS X

The Mac OS X platform is gaining ground with developers because of its stable UNIX based architecture, easy to use UI and integrated Java runtime. This session discusses experiences of Java/J2EE development on Mac OS X, talking about the advantages and disadvantages of adopting the platform. The session also demonstrates some of the open source and commercial development tools that the speakers use on a regular basis, discussing any "gotchas" that have been encountered along with way. If you’ve never seen a Mac or are thinking of buying one then this session is for you.

The session is taking place on the 26th of March in Sun's offices near London Bridge, between 12 and 2pm. Full details (including how to sign up) can be found on the JSIG website. As the abstract implies, it's a good opportunity to see what Mac OS X looks like if you've not seen it before. Besides, it's also a good excuse for us to demo our shiny Macs. ;-)

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