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Posted by sonyabarry on October 28, 2011 at 4:50 PM PDT

Now that all of the general JavaOne excitement has died down, it's time to share my favorite part of the week - our annual community leaders meeting, which we held on October 1.  

This meeting was a fresh start for us in a lot of ways - for the first time we had active participation from both the Kenai team (which builds and manages the forge side of the site) and Cognisync (which builds and manages the drupal/community half of the site). We've all been working together for over a year now since the migration and relaunch, but it was the first time ever to have everyone in the same room.  We also had great representation among new community leaders who have joined this year - including folks from the JCP, the new Web Services and XML community leader, and one I recruited on the spot to take over the Desktop community home page as well.  

This has been a rough year for us - last year there was a lot of disappointment around JavaOne, a lot of confusion about the migration of off of CollabNet, and a whole lot of questions about Oracle's stewardship of Java in general and this part of the community in specific.  

I'm not clueless enough to think those questions are gone now, but I think they are diminishing - new releases, a better JavaOne, improved communication.  Here, we're still dealing with cleanup after the migration effort.  We've still got a ways to go - archiving some projects that were abandoned, closing down the old wiki, fixing broken links across the site.  We'll continue working on that.  (And please let us know if you see something that you think should be fixed, via the issue tracker here: - if nobody reports it, there's no guarantee I will notice it.)

The big thing to come out of our meeting is plans for the next year.  Here's a quick overview: 

 - new hardware/datacenter for the forge half of the site (and re-engineering the platform to run on a different flavor of Solaris, also performance improvements)

 - JIRA upgrade (also, FYI - GreenHopper is now available)

 - replacing SYMPA (it's just not scaleable to the level we need it, and can't do some of the email-fu that the JCP requires)

 - adding stats for projects natively

 - better integration between the drupal/community half of the site and the forge side

 - overhaul of community pages (In progress, see new JCP page here:

 - continued bug fixes, improvements on the blogs and forums

In the longer view, Oracle's cloud announcements will be defining some of our future.  We don't have a date yet, but the general plan is to move us there eventually, and when that happens we'll have enough processing power to handle Hudson as well.  

Tonya has published her raw notes from the meeting here. Please let me know if you have questions or comments about any of it.  

Next up, Devoxx! 


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