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Hardware Upgrade Scheduled for April 19, 2013

Posted by sonyabarry on March 31, 2013 at 1:30 PM PDT

If you keep an eye on either of our sister sites, or, you may have noticed some downtime recently. The Kenai engineering team has been working on hardware upgrades across the board for all the sites that sit on their platform. Since we're the biggest, we're the last to go. I can't speak to any improvements you may expect in other places, but I can tell you what to expect here.

First, we're planning to take the site offline in the late evening Pacific Time on April 19, and bring it back up by Monday morning. There will be no changes to the UI or look and feel of the site with this upgrade.

What you should notice is some improved performance on the project pages and tools. Most of the random crashes and slowdowns we've seen in the last year should be resolved with changes in the stack.

This upgrade also does two other things that will be huge for the forge platform going forward:

1) For years the dev team has been doing their own sysadmin. They are finally able to hand it off to IT, which will free them up to actually spend more time developing new features and improving their existing ones.

2) This sets the stage for upgrades of all the forge tools later this year.

Note that this will have an impact only on the forge half of the site. The CMS (which is where you read the blogs, the editorial front page, forums, and the specialized community spaces) is slated for a separate upgrade later this summer. Details to come in the next few weeks.


Hello, now the hardware upgrade has been completed and ...


now the hardware upgrade has been completed and the site is noticeably faster.

At this point I wonder when the next steps will be taken, e.g. JIRA+Confluence upgrades
to the latest versions.

Thanks for all the good work, Jörg

We're expecting to upgrade the forge tools later this ...

We're expecting to upgrade the forge tools later this summer. Once the dust has settled with this upgrade we'll be working out a more detailed roadmap with the forge team.