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Sun Tech Days in Buenos Aires

Posted by spericas on October 26, 2006 at 6:17 AM PDT

The Sun Tech Days in Buenos Aires, Argentina was a fantastic event: great venue (Hilton Puerto Madero), great city (well, my home town so I'm biased) and absolutely fantastic food. Oh, yes, and also really good technical sessions. The slides of my two presentations should be available from the web site soon, but just in case I'm also linking them to this blog.

I had the opportunity to give two presentations about JAX-WS and related technologies. The first presentation focused on the basic JAX-WS layer and included demos on how to build web services using both the Java and XML APIs. The second presentation was primarily about technologies built on top of JAX-WS including those that are part of WSIT.

I felt both presentations were very well received. And I was pleasantly surprised by how many attendees quickly understood the importance of WSIT for building real-world distributed applications. Many felt that the wheel was being re-invented once again (a feeling shared by many, including myself) yet acknowledged that many of the basic challenges they face today aren't really new either (e.g., distributed systems needed transactions 10 years ago just as they need them today).

As promised, here are the links to my presentations:

Hope you find them useful. Keep an eye on the events calendar as Sun Tech Days may be coming to a city near you!

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