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JAXP 1.4.2 RI is available now!

Posted by spericas on May 31, 2007 at 7:38 AM PDT

Two months after releasing JAXP RI version 1.4.1, we are now releasing version 1.4.2.
This is therefore the second update release to the FCS version from last year that is also part of JDK 6. Note that all these RI releases correspond to the same JAXP 1.4 Specification. Although there have been talks about a new JAXP specification, no official work has been started yet.

There have been a few important bug fixes (for more information please refer to the JAXP 1.4.2 RI Changelog) but the main driver for this release has been a problem found using the 1.4.1 RI on top of JDK 1.4. We discovered this last week while integrating a few bug fixes into an update release of JDK 6. And earlier this week we've got reports of a JAXP user (Matthew R.) confirming the problem.

In a nutshell, the 1.4.1 RI jars are missing a few classes that are also part of JDK 5 runtime system. Thus, the problem goes unnoticed if running on JDK 5 but as soon as you try the same application on JDK 1.4, you get a NoClassDefFoundError. As an example, trying to use XPath in this scenario results in the following exception being thrown:

      at 201)
      at 275)

The 1.4.2 version of the RI should fix this problem. And rest assured we fixed our build script to make sure that compatibility with JDK 1.4 is preserved in future releases.

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