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Telematics Demo at Oracle World

Posted by spericas on October 15, 2009 at 1:09 PM PDT

The Sun Mobility Platform Telematics demo, co-developed by Oracle and Sun, was showcased at Oracle Open World this week. It was shown as part of a presentation on Monday and at the Berkeley DB (BDB) booth for the rest of the week. The demo shows a simulation of vehicles synchronizing events collected on a local database (BDB) to a back-end Oracle database. Events collected from vehicle sensors are stored in an embedded BDB database and periodically synchronized; in addition, critical events are reported immediately using the dynamic capabilities of the Mobility Platform. A JavaFX front-end was developed to increase the demo's coolness factor.

Vehicle sensors generate 3 types of events: INFORMATIONAL, DIAGNOSTICS and CRITICAL. All events are recorded in an embedded BDB database in the vehicle and synchronized periodically using the Sun Mobility Platform (SyncML over HTTP). Critical events are reported immediately to the server which responds synchronously by acknowledging the event. After some processing time (a random factor in the simulation) the server contacts the vehicle with an action associated with a previously acknowledged critical event. This communication is done using restful WS (Jersey) and HTTP. The vehicle uses the lightweight HTTP server in JDK 6; the Mobility Platform gateway runs on either Glassfish or Weblogic.  


It is just a matter of time when all the vehicles on the road will be connected to their factories and service centers. When there will be no need to make an appointment with a service center to diagnose a problem. Instead, problems will be diagnosed well ahead of time based on the data collected by the vehicles and parts will be ready at a service center when the vehicle arrives ...

Please contact us at if you would like to get more details including an early access version of the latest Mobility Platform software for evaluation.


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