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Impressions from my talks at JavaOne

Posted by srikanthraju on June 30, 2004 at 2:18 PM PDT

This is the first of what I hope to be a several part blogs about JavaOne and Mobility. Late last night, I finished a very draining and at the same time a very satisfying set of hands-on labs, a session and a BOF.

First , the hands-on labs proved once again to be a highly sought after item in the conferences. At last year's JavaOne, the hands-on labs were done for the first time. This year, there were about 5 instructor-led labs, and about 22 self-paced labs. ( I will have a subsequent blog just on the hands-on lab later). I was one of the leads that developed the end-to-end hands-on lab, loosely based on the Smart Ticket application and the wireless blueprints, using the j2ME Wireless connection Wizard (Angela Caicedo, my fellow Technology Evangelist, and Ariel Levin, the Technical Lead for the J2ME Wireless Toolkit were the other leads in this lab). The lab, even though was held from 6:00 to 8:00 pm on Tuesday, was packed. There were hardly any unoccupied workstations. Attendees seem to like the content. For further improvement, the general take-a-way from the lab was that the time was too short. There were some poignant and thought provoking questions too - particularly about the data transfer protocol employed by the J2ME Wireless Connection wizard for the MIDlet to Servlet communication.

I delivered a session (TS1275: Tips and Techniques for Advanced Java Wireless Programming) and a BOF( TS2475 : J2ME Platform at Five: Where we 've been, and where we 'll be at Ten) with my ex-colleague Bill Day (, currently a Technical Manager at Nokia.
The idea in the session is to present the tips and techniques, not only from the API and technology point of view, but also from how they are implemented on real devices, for example like the Nokia Series 60 devices..

The BOF was a very interesting (at least for me!) walk down the memory lane for both Bill and I as we have been following this space from day 1 ( from JavaOne 1999). We had a variety of devices from the very first PalmV for which KVM was available for public consumption to some of the latest and greatest phones from Nokia, Sony Ericsson, etc. We also had other interesting devices like the Nextel/Motorola i85S - the first MIDP devices in the US, Sharp Zaurus and few other PDAs and pda/phone combo devices. It was also interesting to interact with the attendees on the problems they are facing now, where they think the technoogy is headed, and posisble challenges in the future.

To sum it all up, I never felt better about the future of wireless and Java in Wireless than in this year's JavaOne. More later...