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Welcome to GlassFish @ FOSS.IN 2006

Posted by ss141213 on November 23, 2006 at 9:00 AM PST

GlassFish at FOSS.IN 2006
GlassFish team from Sun Microsystems will not only talk about GlassFish & Java EE platform at the forth coming FOSS.IN 2006 event, but will also have a booth where they will answer questions about GlassFish and show case GlassFish technology that includes a demo app built using GlassFish and NetBeans IDE. The complete source code and build scripts for the demo app are available here. Just unzip and explore. You can view the flash demo here.

Highlights of the demo:
1. Learn to develop real world Java EE application.
2. Learn to use Java EE 5 features of NetBeans like JPA entity bean wizard, Web Service wizard, Web Service Client wizard.
3. Auto-completion of annotations, on-the-fly verification of code against Java EE spec, refactoring etc. features in NetBeans IDE
4. Experience the integration of GlassFish with NetBeans
5. Introduction to GlassFish web based administration interface
6. Learn to use Verifier tool of GlassFish to check compliance against spec.

What does the demo app do?
It's a Java EE application which will help us capturing details about visitors who visit us in FOSS.IN 2006. What is interesting about the demo app is that it is also used as a live application in our GlassFish booth area to capture details about visitors. It has:
a) an EJB module containing a Web Service that stores visitor information in database using Java Persistence API(EJB 3), also sends a follow up email to the visitor using JavaMail.
b) a web module which contains a JSP which is used to capture visitor details. The JSP also acts as the web service client.

Important Links:
GlassFish flash demo
Source code for the demo

See you in GlassFish presentation and booth at FOSS.IN.

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