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GlassFish at enterprise OSGi face2face event - Meeting with OSGi Experts

Posted by ss141213 on March 22, 2010 at 12:40 PM PDT

Meeting with OSGi Experts


Although I had interacted with a number of active members of OSGi [1] expert group, last week I had the opportunity to meet some of these experts at an OSGi Enterprise Expert Group face2face event held at LinkedIn's Mountain View office. This is also the first time I met Richard S. Hall, the Felix guy (don't confuse with a very active Felix [2] committer by name Felix Meschberger). Richard has been involved in modularisation efforts for last decade or so. GlassFish team owes him and the Felix community a lot. Although Richard later on became part of Sun GlassFish team, we continue to engage with Felix community in the open forum. In the same event, I got to meet another Felix member by name Stuart Mcculloch, who has helped us a lot in our use of maven bnd plugin [3]. Stuart now works for Sonatype, where he is working on things like adding OBR support to Nexus [4]. This is also the first time I met Peter Kriens [5], B J Hargrave [6]. The other IBM rep that I met was Tim Ward, who is actively involved in project Aries. During dinner time, I got to talk to Jboss micro kernel engineers: Thomas Diesler and Aleš Justin. Although I had come across Thomas in Felix forum, I thought I was meeting Ales for the first time, but Ales surprised me when he said that we once were on the same phone conference to discuss about one of the Weld class loading issues we had encountered while integrating Weld [7] as the JSR 299 (CDI) implementation module in GlassFish v3. I have tried to add some feature Weld so that the same Weld runtime canbe shared by multiple applications and that's how it works in GlassFish. I had an interesting discussion with David Savage about Nimble [8]. I am looking forward to seeing a demo of the same at their booth in Eclipsecon. I met Hal Hilderbrand, an architect at Oracle Corp., who is very active in enterprise use of OSGi. Those who are interested in this topic should look at his excellent blog on this topic [9]. Mike Keith, who was the co-spec lead for JPA 1.0, who has been working in the area of object persistence, not just limited to Java persistence, for many many years now, is very actively involved in use of JPA in OSGi environment. I also met the EEG co-chairs: Tim Diekmann, Tibco, and David Bosschaert, Progress. Oh yes, Glyn Normington, from Spring Source, was also there. I try to follow his blogs [9A] as much as possible - they are short, yet very enlightening. 

I am not good at writing diary, so if I missed anyone or misrepresented anything, please excuse me and I appreciate for correcting me.



GlassFish and Enterprise OSGi

OK, what was I doing there and why am I writing all these? I am bad in writing such stuf any way. I work in GlassFish team, especially in the area of OSGi for last couple of years. GlassFish has a lot to offer to enterprise OSGi users. We actively participate in the OSGi EEG forum so that we can represent our users, who are already experimenting with OSGi enabled Java EE applications, what we call Hybrid Applications. We already have support for:

OSGi enabled Web Applications,

EJB applications.

They can in turn use all the EE frameworks and APIs like JSF, JPA, CDI, etc. We, at GlassFish, don't use any framework proprietary APIs, yet we have got things like byte code weaving/enhancement working in JPA applications even when they run with an OSGi context. If you are interested in just sticking OSGi APIs and developing applications, we support that as well by implementing various OSGi EE APIs. I am scheduled to talk at Eclipsecon 2010 this Wednesday, the 22 March, about hybrid applications, why one needs them and how one goes about developing them. I hope to find some time to brief about my talk in a later blog. I am right now going to attend some talks in enterprise OSGi area and hope to be able to talk about them in my next blog as well. I look forward to see you at my talk titled “OSGi & Java EE in GlassFish [10].” Please spread the word and help make enterprise OSGi a success.
















Graham Charters

Sorry, I forgot to mention about Graham Charters during the f2f event. I realized my mistake when I met him again at eclipsecon. He works for IBM UK and is looking after Apache Aries project. I enjoyed his talk at eclipsecon.

-- Sahoo.