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Being Pragmatic

Posted by sspielman on October 27, 2003 at 12:44 PM PST

I just got back from a weekend of speaking in Atlanta, GA at the No
Fluff Just Stuff
conference. I've missed the last few because of my work
schedule, but it was good to be back and to get a chance to talk with lots of the
attendees about cool things they are working on. It was also good to get caught
up with the various speakers (we seem to be on the road a lot together) and chat
about what we've all been working on.  I was having breakfast with Dave
and talked about his venture into self-publishing. I had a chance to
take a look through two of the new books Andy Hunt and Dave put out in the Pragmatic
Starter Kit.
One is called Pragmatic Unit Testing, the other Pragmatic
Version Control. If you are a practicing engineer (and aren't we all?), I highly
recommend checking out these new additions to our bookshelf arsenal. Whether
you're a Java newbie or are experienced with Java since the
days of Oak, I'm fairly certain that there is something to learn for each of us
within the covers of these two books.  They cover basic practices that are
applicable in all software development situations. And who among us doesn't want
to be just a little bit more pragmatic?

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