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MIDP 2.0 - Fun yes, but not just games

Posted by sspielman on January 15, 2004 at 4:06 PM PST

I've been working with MIDP 2.0 for the last couple of months. There is some
incredibly exciting stuff going on in the mobile arena. Kathy's blog on
MIDP 2.0 is just too much fun
is right about that, but it's not just for the gaming folks. While I'm well
aware of the fact that the gaming market is huge, it just doesn't float my boat.
I'd rather see some cool applications that can integrate enterprise business
data onto mobile devices and bring forth another whole category of mobile
enterprise applications. All of the pieces are finally in place for us to see a
mobile explosion. We've sure been hearing about it for long enough,
but the fact is, it is finally here. This is the very reason I've become
co-founder of a new company called
Mobilogics LLC
, focused in the mobile enterprise application area. We're
working with MIDP 2.0 using the devices in the US that are currently supporting
the spec (such as Motorola's i730), and taking advantage of the GPS capabilities
for GeoSpatial integration. What it boils down to is some pretty cool technology
being used in new ways, and wait till you see what's coming! Stay tuned for an
upcoming feature I'm working on that will go into Java and GIS if you're
wondering what all this means.

I'm also looking forward to
O'Reilly's Emerging
Technology conference
in a few weeks in San Diego. I'll be blogging coverage
for, and it should be pretty exciting conference to take part in. If you haven't
heard of it, check out the link, and if you're able to attend well, that will even be better.

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