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Time to get JAOO'ed

Posted by sspielman on August 25, 2004 at 5:33 PM PDT

For the past couple of years I've been hearing about
this really great conference in Denmark called
JAOO. It's a developer to developer
type event. I've had the honor of getting invited to speak this year so I'm
really looking forward to seeing if all of the hype lives up to the reputation.
Somehow, I think it will. This year's conference is taking place in Aarhus,
Denmark. If you don't know where that is...whip out a map!

This year's JAOO conference is covering developing large software systems, agile
development, J2EE best practices, design patterns, testing large systems and
experiences from building large distributed systems. While this is primarily a
Java conference, we're going to see a bunch of .NET coverage this year. It's
also the only conference I know of that sponsors an IT-Run...literally a Danish

There is quite the line-up of speakers at this
conference so it should definitely be a good time to see some old friends and
make some new ones. A couple include: Craig Russell, John Crupi, Martin Fowler,
Patrick Linsky, and Floyd Marinescu.

I'm speaking in the Pervasive Computing track doing a session called 'Integrating
Mobile Field Data in the Enterprise'
.  since I've been doing some cool
stuff in that area lately. So if you're going to be attending JAOO, stop by and
say hello and if you're not going to be there, maybe I'll post a blog about it
when I return.

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