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Case of static method names

Posted by staufferjames on May 18, 2007 at 5:44 AM PDT

I like to make my static method names start with an upper case letter. I know that isn't standard and that only class names are supposed to start with an upper case letter but I find that it is helpful because it quickly shows which methods are static. Also, I have never confused a static method with a class because the usage/syntax is different. Does this sound beneficial?

I don't know from where I got this idea but at one time I assumed it was a standard.
I know that IDEs can denote static methods but such IDEs aren't always used.
I know that it is probably not worth changing the Java recommendations so ignore the cost of the change to an existing language.
One downside occurs when you need to change a method from or to static but that hasn't been a big deal.

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