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Posted by steve on May 4, 2005 at 11:32 AM PDT

As the news editor for I find the Java community a bit quirky sometimes. You are all so busy writing code that... well.... sometimes you forget to tell anyone about it!

Hey, I know. You're busy beavers! So, I want to make telling the world a lot easier for you... and in the process for me and everyone else to see what is up in the collective Java world. I've taken two ideas that make my life interesting and merged them into one I hope you like it. I hope you like it a lot actually for the more the merrier!

The two ideas are social bookmarking and link blogs. I follow Eric Thauvin's link blog as part of my daily news sweep. It is simple and direct. I know what is on Eric's radar for the day, but I'd like to amp that up to a million by making it easier for you all to do that, and not just news, but articles you find interesting, tutorials you run across, helpful docs, insightful weblog posts... you get the picture. Anything Java that you think is good on an ongoing basis.

And it's easy to do. How about a sweet little button that says "post this" in your browser's toolbar? All you have to do is click it when you're on that good webpage! Yeah, I like that too. The genre of social bookmarking has this down pat.

You can track the collective consciousness of a person, group of people, and the same for topics, like apache, java, news, article, sun, mustang, codehaus, theserverside,, and any combination thereof via the site or rss. You could put your personal links in your roller blog via the rss feeds. So without further ado:

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