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Enunciate 1.4: Your JAX-WS endpoint published as a GWT-RPC endpoint

Posted by stoicflame on September 19, 2007 at 8:56 AM PDT

When you use Enunciate 1.4 to publish your Web service API, Enunciate will build you a war that you can drop into your favorite webapp container. The war will supply any or all of the following, depending on your configuration:

  • Full documentation (scraped from the JavaDocs)
  • Your service beans mounted via SOAP, along with the formal contract (WSDL, schemas, etc.)
  • Those same service beans mounted via REST/XML.
  • Those same service beans mounted via JSON.
  • Those same service beans mounted as GWT-RPC endpoints.
  • Client-side libraries for download (used for invoking your API programatically via SOAP).
  • Client-side GWT Java libraries that can be used with GWT to support an AJAX app.
  • Etc.

If you want to know more, I suggest a quick walk through the getting started guide.

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