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Enunciate 1.6: AMF Endpoints for Flex Developers

Posted by stoicflame on January 9, 2008 at 11:13 AM PST

If you haven't checked out the Enunciate project recently, you may want to give it another look to see how it can improve the development, deployment, and consumption of your Web service API.

Enunciate 1.6 was just released with support for mounting your JAX-WS endpoint classes via AMF (thanks to Adobe's release of BlazeDS). This should be really interesting to Flex developers. Not only will you be able to make Web service calls via AMF, but Enunciate will also generate type-safe client-side ActionScript classes that will access those endpoints.

Enunciate will also publish your endpoints via SOAP, REST/XML, JSON, and GWT. You'll also get your WSDLs, schemas, and full user-level documentation of your Web service API.

I'll be shortly posting a two-part tutorial on how to publish this kind of a rich API with your service endpoints and how to write an AJAX app with an embedded Flash component that consumes it.


We are very interested to utilize enunciate in our RIA project. Just want to ask how to apply JEE security such as basic/form authentication, wsse and SSL to enunciate-constructed web service applications, especially for AMF enabled endpoints.

Actually, security is the primary feature for 1.7, which will be released by March 27. We'll be leveraging Acegi to secure the web service endpoints, so that will give us all the security features that come with Acegi, include HTTP Basic Auth, HTTP Digest Auth, Login-based Auth, etc. We'll also be adding support for OAuth. This security will be applied to all web services, including the AMF endpoints. WSSE won't be included in the 1.7 release, but hopefully in 1.8. OpenID won't be available, either, until 1.8.