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Enunciate 1.7: Security and Custom Content Types

Posted by stoicflame on May 6, 2008 at 3:22 PM PDT

Enunciate 1.7 has been released!

The primary feature of Enunciate 1.7 is support for securing your Web service endpoints using Spring Security. There is additional support for OAuth, with OpenID and WS-Security planned for 1.8.

In addition, Enunciate 1.7 introduces the concept of custom REST content types, which you can use to support custom serialization formats for REST responses (beyond the default XML and JSON endpoints).



There's no client-side Javascript library that's generated for any of the REST interfaces yet. It's on the roadmap, but it hasn't been prioritized.

Hello Ryan, thank you for giving us Enunciate. We are a software development team and we really like it. We have a question in regards to JSON. It seems that it's only for REST, we were wondering if it's supposed to give us a client side javascript library or if we should just proceed to use GWT-RPC for that. Thanks in advanced, Brant

There's a petclinic sample application that ships with Enunciate that demonstrates this. Take a look at the Clinic interface. You'll see two methods, "getClinicBrochure" and "getAnimalBrochure" that return custom content types.

By default, those two methods will return XML and JSON representations of the brochures. But you can see the @ContentType annotation which states that they can also return "text/plain", "text/html", and "application/pdf" representations of the brochures. Of course, Enunciate doesn't have default content type handler for those content types, so that's what the is for.

Do you have an example about the custom REST content type??? thanks, Marcelo