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Keep Bugging Us!

Posted by stuart_marks on February 21, 2007 at 5:39 PM PST

Contrary to Sue Abellera's blog entry, please keep bugging us!

Today I ran across a forum thread where a poster was disappointed because he had filed a bug a month ago and nothing had happened with it. It turns out that the bug had actually been fixed (in the repository at least, but not in any released bundle) but nobody had told him anything. So, our bad.

But there are other problems as well. I filed a bug in Issue Tracker about an unrelated problem, and I discovered that email notification for Issue Tracker is broken! This is obviously a big problem that we need to get fixed right away. I think most of us at Sun are email-driven. If Issue Tracker isn't hooked up to email, it's basically invisible to us.

There are only a handful of bugs in the Issue Tracker database. What are we spending all our time on? As you might expect, we have an internal bug database. This is where most of the team's work comes from. This bug database is hard to find and is difficult to query from the outside, but it contains a lot of information that is available to the community.

To get there, first go to the phoneME project page. Buried in the middle of the left-hand nav bar is a link Bug List. This will take you to a Bug Database Search page lets you query our internal bug database. Unfortunately it's hard to find phoneME bugs here, since the internal database contains bugs for a wide variety of our products.

To look for phoneME bugs, pop up the Category menu and scroll about two-thirds of the way down to one of the following entries:

  • Connected Limited Device Configuration Virtual Machine - phoneME Feature
  • Mobile Information Device Profile and Optional Package JSRs - phoneME Feature
  • Connected Device Configuration Virtual Machine - phoneME Advanced
  • Connected Device Configuration - phoneME Advanced
  • Foundation Profile - phoneME Advanced
  • Personal Basis Profile - phoneME Advanced

Go ahead and select the MIDP/JSRs entry. For State select Open, and for Type select Bug (as opposed to RFE - request for enhancement). Then hit the >> button to run the query. As of this writing you'll get 220 hits. There are a lot of pretty important bugs, such as TCK failures, but there are also a lot of unimportant, low-priority bugs. This should give you a flavor for what's keeping the engineering team busy.

Does this mean that we're ignoring Issue Tracker? Absolutely not! OK, OK, right now we are, but that's because email notification is broken. We'll get this fixed, though. It's very important for community members to file bugs in Issue Tracker. This lets us know what problems you've run into. Some of them might be more important than bugs in our internal database, but we won't find out about them unless you tell us. Thanks for sending your input, and please make sure to keep bugging us!

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